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We work with investors who want to sell whole or partial promissory notes they hold. We purchase promissory notes, including:

Performing Notes

Notes on which a borrower makes regular, timely payments on a mortgage as outlined in the loan terms. The associated note is considered in good standing and classified as a performing note.

The status of a performing note must be fully backed by evidence of timely payments. Here’s more on performing notes.

Non-Performing Notes

are notes on which a borrower ceases to make regular timely payments as outlined in the loan terms. As a result, the note falls into default and is reclassified as a non-performing note.

Lenders sometimes work directly with borrowers to arrange more favorable terms or help them catch up on payments. But if this approach is unsuccessful, the next step may be foreclosure.

Since both remedies demand time and resources, lenders find it more cost-effective to sell non-performing notes to real estate investors at a discount.

Here’s more on non-performing notes.

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