6 11, 2020

Investors discover real estate opportunities


How investors are discovering real estate opportunities. Investors are growing wary of the stock market, which seems more and more disconnected from the economy. That’s why people are exploring alternative investments such as real estate. Real Estate Opportunities Why real estate? Because people always need a place to live. Real estate offers great opportunities: buyer demand is high, the U.S. housing market is underbuilt, and the inventory of existing houses for sale is low. Existing home sales in September 2020 were the highest since May 2006. As a result, median home prices are up almost 15%, compared with a year ago, [...]

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1 08, 2020

Affordable Housing & Rebuilding Communities


Affordable Housing: Where Investors Find Opportunities to Rebuild Communities Investors are finding opportunites in affordable housing. Our blog brings you a simple, practical approach to investing in real estate. It appears on the first Saturday of each month. Right now, investors are finding out which real estate holds up best in a recession. Investors in offices and retail stores are suffering, as businesses close their doors due to COVID-19. How are investors in residential real estate doing? Here’s a key insight: In a downturn, it stays more stable than other types of real estate. “Affordable housing” is housing for which occupants [...]

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4 07, 2020

Finding Opportunities to Rebuild Communities


Real Estate Investors are Finding Opportunities to Rebuild Communities Now Do you have a workable plan to attain financial independence? Is real estate part of that plan? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This blog gives you a simple, practical approach to investing in real estate. It appears on the first Saturday of each month. It’s tough to learn real estate investing on your own. I know first-hand, because I tried that approach. All I got was an expensive education from the School of Hard Knocks. But my first investing experience made me determined to learn everything I could [...]

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