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Rebuilding Communities, Building Opportunities

Alvernia Capital Management buys promissory notes from investors. We purchase both performing and non-performing notes.

We invest in rebuilding reasonably priced U.S. neighborhoods, without displacing deserving residents. That’s how we rebuild communities and build opportunities for real estate investors like you.

Our core values are freedom, empowerment, opportunity, respect and generosity. That’s what we’re all about.

Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your Promissory Note

Any questions on what happens when you sell a note? Many investors ask:

– How is the value of a note determined?
– How to decide whether to sell a whole note or just a portion?
– How fast can you get cash in hand in exchange for a note?

To help you learn a simple, practical way to invest in real estate, we answer investor questions. If you have a question, please email us here.

Alvernia guides investors to make informed decisions on active and passive real estate investments. We bring you over a decade of expertise, practical experience and street smarts.

You’ll find valuable resources for real estate investors on this website, including our monthly blog. Sign up here.


You have many options for your promissory note!

Do you want to sell your promissory note – either the whole note or just a portion? Get a fair price quote on your note, with no upfront costs.

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